A blurry closeup of a lava lamp
cover artwork for In Ribbons by Pale Saints

In Ribbons


Pale Saints

  1. Throwing Back the Apple
  2. Ordeal
  3. Thread of Light
  4. Shell
  5. There Is No Day
  6. Hunted
  7. Hair Shoes
  8. Babymaker
  9. Liquid
  10. Neverending Night
  11. Featherframe
  12. A Thousand Stars Burst Open
Released: Mar 23rd 1992 Label: 4AD Producers: Hugh Jones Mixed: Engineer(s): Phil Ault - Alan Branch - Kevin Hurley - Steve Bray - Paul Tipler
In Ribbons is the second studio album by Pale Saints, released through 4AD on 23 March 1992. It peaked at number 61 on the UK Albums Chart.