A blurry closeup of a lava lamp
cover artwork for Loveless by My Bloody Valentine



My Bloody Valentine

  1. Only Shallow
  2. Loomer
  3. Touched
  4. To Here Knows When
  5. When You Sleep
  6. I Only Said
  7. Come In Alone
  8. Sometimes
  9. Blown A Wish
  10. What You Want
  11. Soon
Released: Nov 4th 1991 Label: Creation Records Producers: Kevin Shields Mixed: Alan Moulder Engineer(s): Alan Moulder Kevin Shields - Colm Ó Cíosóig - Dick Meaney - Anjali Dutt - Guy Fixsen - Harold Burgon - Nick Robbins - Ingo Vauk - Andy Wilkinson - Darren Allison - Nick Addison - Charles Steel - Tony Falter - Hugh Price - Adrian Bushby - Pascale Giovetto - Nick Savage
The high watermark of the shoegaze movement. 2 years, 19 studios, countless engineers and a nearly bankrupted record label. It was all worth it Loveless still sounds like nothing else before or since.