A blurry closeup of a lava lamp
cover artwork for Stimulation Festival by Pain Teens

Stimulation Festival


Pain Teens

  1. Shallow Hole
  2. The Dead Cannot
  3. God Told Me
  4. The Poured Out Blood
  5. Drowning
  6. Living Hell
  7. Indiscreet Jewels
  8. Wild World
  9. Daughter of Chaos
  10. Evil Dirt
  11. Bruised
  12. Dog Spirits
  13. Hangman's Rope
  14. Apartment #213
Released: May 18th 1992 Label: Trance Syndicate Producers: Mixed: Engineer(s): Scott Ayers
This the third sonic assault from Pain Teens captured on album sports all manner of experimental noise, samples and heavy grooves. Also features a pretty cool cover of the Birthday Party's 'Wild World'.